"Fiddy" Facts that'll Floor Ya (about Motorcycles)


Ever get so bored that you start mindlessly just googling stuff? Typically when I get really bored, and I've already sucked every morsel of usefulness out of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, I start in with Youtube videos. I usually look for mods for the bikes or cool new facts about the bike I have on order (and have had on order since November). However, when all that has been exhausted too, I reach a new level of desperation. Since motorcycles are like totally my thing, it is my go-to subject matter. I just started googling for exciting facts about bikes... googling, and googling... and so, as you can see, I was VERY bored—welcome gentlemen and women to the fruits of my utter and absolute boredom. I have to say; I got pretty involved in this little venture once I started finding new facts that I had never known about... pretty interesting stuff after all. Add to that; now my motorcycle repertoire is fifty facts more robust. Go ahead now read on, intrepid moto- explorer, read on.

Just the facts, ma'am.

1) Did you know what Yamaha's logo actually depicts? It is an image of three intertwined tuning forks. That is because, in 1887, Yamaha started as a piano manufacturer. That's right, in that time, Yamaha fanboys and girls were pounding on white ivory keys and carving out concertos instead of pounding pavement and carving curves. Today, Yamaha is a multinational conglomerate that produces all manner of stuff like boats, swimming pools, RVs, electronics, motorcycles (of course), and even wheelchairs. Just think, if you wind up shiny-side-down one day, then you can stay brand-loyal in perpetuity with your Yamaha wheelchair.

Click on the logo for a very cool timeline of the history of Yamaha.

2) Kawasaki aint no slouch either... In addition to motorcycles, Kawasaki also builds ships, power plants, industrial equipment, robots, and spaceships.

3) Backward Biker: The record for the longest-ever backwards motorcycle ride was set by Dipayan Choudhury in Jabalpur, India on October 7, 2014, lasting 125.52 miles (202 kilometers). However, then it was broken in 2020 by Havildar Pradeep from Bangalore (Karnataka) India. He did the longest backward motorcycle ride by covering the distance of 204.4 km in 4 hours 47 minutes 16.19 seconds and made a new world record for the International Book of Records.

4) You've heard people call motorcycles "Hogs", right? Well, they say that the origin of the term “hog”, when referring to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, was from the early part of the 1900s Harley’s racing team, the Wrecking Crew. Lawrence Ray Weishaar (September 9, 1890 – April 13, 1924) was a Class A Racing Champion in the 1910s and 1920s. He rode for the Wrecking Crew, and helped to popularize the nickname 'hog' in reference to Harley-Davidson by carrying the team's mascot, a small pig, around on victory laps. Of course, HOG became the official acronym of the Harley Owners Group. Harley has become very fond of the term "Hog", even suing for exclusive rights to its use:

Motorcycle Manufacturer has no Trademark right in "HOG"

5) Steve McQueen’s famous 65 foot motorcycle jump in the movie "The Great Escape" was done by stand-in rider Bud Ekins and he did it in just one take... pretty badass.

6) Harley crate motors aren't as modern an idea as one would have thought. It turns out that in the early days you could get a Harley-Davidson for the Do-it-Yourselfer. This was pre-1905 before complete motorcycle limited production was established.

17) Who wants a Honda... real cheap? Insurance statistics show that in inner cities, one in five motorcycles are stolen. Honda is the most common brand stolen, and Harley is the least.

8) Breakin' the Law: So, it's not illegal? Legend has it that it is NOT LEGAL to ride side-by-side on motorcycles... sharing the same lane, and that is why you must stagger. I've even heard a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor (who shall remain nameless) emphatically emphasize (that's