• Matt Ramieri

4M All Riders Newsletter: February 2022

Welcome back to the All Riders monthly newsletter brought to you straight from the Matt Cave!

This is "4M: The Matt Cave Moto Monthly Mailer".

Cardo Packtalk Duo Giveaway:

The big news this month is that we successfully completed the Great GoPro-Motion Giveaway where one lucky winner won a GoPro Max 360 waterproof 360 degree camera. That was way cool, and if I know the winner like I think I do, then we will see some pretty cool footage from that sucker pretty soon.

Normally we would cool off a bit between giveaways, but this time we are going back-to-back in order to take advantage of the Deland Bike Rally coming up on 3/5/2022. The Deland Rally sits on the first weekend of Bike Week. All Riders likes to set up our tent to get the word out about who we are and what we do. We try to sell a t-shirt or two, and maybe a few ARMD memberships while we are there. We figured that the culmination of a really cool giveaway would help make the rally memorable. So, we are now raffling off a set of two Cardo Packtalk BOLD communicators at the rally. You can buy entry decals now, or wait until the day, but we will be drawing the winner's name right before we close shop at the rally.

Check out the winners of our previous giveaways and raffle here.

The Cardo Packtalk is hands down one of the top motorcycle communicators, if not the best one available. This version has JBL speakers for amazing sound, and the BOLD configuration makes it easy for you to swap your communicator between helmets. All you need is a dedicated mounting system for each helmet. I have three different helmets that I use all of the time (each one matches one of my three bikes... I know, I am a dork), so the BOLD is a perfect choice for me. I only need the one communicator that way. The Cardo Packtalk Slim is the same communicator technology, but in an understated slimmer package for a more sleek look and less clutter. The only issue with the Slim is that you cannot easily move it from helmet to helmet. You'd have to pull out all of the speakers and mic and guts every time. Not convenient for quick swaps. With this giveaway, we are giving away a "DUO" set, which means two Packtalk BOLDS come in one package with everything you need to set up each one on one helmet. This is meant for couples, or as a deal for two people to go in together. Both units are paired via bluetooth from the box. So, if you are only worried about being able to talk to your one buddy or spouse, you will be good to go. I would still recommend experimenting with DMC (mesh mode) though, because it is the superior communication technology. You get a longer range and easier, more consistent connectivity with mesh... and you can connect with up to fifteen riders using mesh mode.

Packtalk Slim vs. Packtalk BOLD. Same great tech in two different packages. Learn about communicators here.

ARMD Members enjoy the benefit of buy one, get one entries to the giveaway with coupon code ARMDFREE. If you are an ARMD member, then take advantage. If you are not, follow the link to learn about the program, and get involved. If you are an active, avid motorcyclist (or consumer of any kind really) this membership pays for itself in no time at a mere $40/year.

Not only will the discounts it entitles you to and the raffle/giveaway perks make it pay for itself, but you will also be supporting the All Riders International Motorcyclist Community. That means you will be making all we do possible. If that does not give you the warm and fuzzies, then you are probably a serial killer. If that is the case then, well... buy in anyway. You can't kill all the tie, and when you aren't killing for jollies, you will probably want to be riding your motorcycle.

What's Happening in February?

EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT: The Dan's Wednesday R.A.D. (Ride After Dark)

This RAD (ride after dark) is a new Wednesday night ride hosted by Dan Soucy and Dan Timonere that will be in effect until Chuck's Wednesday Ride to Nowhere returns. This ride will always start at the Shell station at the intersection of Howland & Catalina Blvd's in Deltona and will always end at OB's in Deland for their bike night. How we get there will be a mystery and we may not know until we pull out of the parking lot. The ride can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the weather and the route. Hope some of you will join us.


First Fridays Moto-Meetup: This first Friday we head to HALF WALL RESTAURANT AND BREWERY in New Smyrna Beach. Same time... 7:00pm.


Weekday Destination Ride with Other Dan:

Unfortunately, The Weekday Destination Ride with Other Dan is on hold while Dan sorts out some medical issues. All signs point to a return to the fledgling ride line up, so don't fret. We will let you know when Other Dan is back in action.

The second half of the Sons of Danarchy, Dan Timonere has decided to take the helm in order to bring motorcycle riding bliss to those fortunate few untethered to the daily grind.

Those retired rapscallions and radical refugees from the standard workweek who are looking for that weekday fix finally get what's coming to them.