2017 Deland Bike Rally

Above: "Organ Donor"... the aptly named 1,350 horse power V8 Boss Hoss

From Delandrally.com:

“The DeLand Bike Rally is presented by the MainStreet DeLand Association. As a non-profit (501-C-3) corporation, MainStreet DeLand is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the economic development of downtown while protecting and promoting DeLand’s historic heritage.”

The Deland Bike Rally has been growing steadily every year since its inception. On the first day of one of the most famous bike rallies in the USA, Florida’s own Daytona Bike Week, motorcycles of all shapes and sizes line the modest Downtown of Deland’s historic district.

Just a skip away... Approximately 23 miles (37 km) west of the central business district of Daytona Beach (where the lion’s share of Daytona Bike Week’s events are held), Deland offers the perfect oasis away from the mass chaos and clogged arteries of Daytona’s hectic entertainment center.

Above: Woodland Avenue, Downtown Deland

Typically relatively sleepy, during the Bike Rally thousands come out to Deland to enjoy great food and drink from the local vendors, while soaking up the sights and sounds of every kind of motorcycle that you can imagine.

The streets are blocked off from typical car & truck infused traffic, so only motorcycles can pass through the barricades.

Here, we had the opportunity to spread our All Riders gospel of non-biased motorcycling “All Colors, All Creeds, and All Classes”, and really everyone that we talked to shared our love for all things motorcycle.

The Rally sported trikes as well as bikes... from Can-Ams, to gargantuan Boss Hosses & V8 Choppers, to Harley custom built pieces... one even built out with a super charger. This one just happens to be for sale as well... feel free to give Max a call to inquire.

Above: Boss Hoss V8 Trikes

Above: V8 Chopper Trikes

Above & Below: Max with his custom super charged Harley trike... for sale!

Other spectacles included bikes with coffins. We saw one that looked like a custom job, with the coffin tethered to a purple snake skin painted chopper, but the other was actually a functioning professional set up... a service offered by Lohman Funeral Homes.

Above and Below: Snake-Skinned Death Chopper!

Below: Lohman Funeral Home's motorcycle coffin precession service

Hondas, Harley, Yamahas, V8s, & customs galore.

Amongst the oddities there was at least one bike and rider that reminded us of how passionate we all are about our freedom and ability to ride. Billy here lost his leg, but found a way to continue to ride.

Above & Below: Billy on his custom Yamaha Roadliner Trike.

Thanks to some incredible engineering to get him back on the road (both to fill the role once occupied by a leg, and to rig the bike to shift by hand) Billy can still enjoy his love of the open road.

We should all try to keep in mind how lucky we are to be able to see the world whip by from the view from behind a set of handle bars.

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