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Win a $100 Revzilla, $100 Harley-Davidson, $100 Indian Motorcycles, or $100 J&P Cycles Gift Card with eligible purchases. 


Look below for items that give you 1x, 5x, or up to 10x entries to the giveaway.

Not all items are qualifying purchases for entry to the Giveaway, so please make sure that the item is listed under one of the three categories below if you'd like to be entered into the Giveaway with purchase.* 

*Each listing for apparel items may include multiple color options.  Check the red banner for the number of color options for each listing. 

**All of the apparel eligible for the All RIders GIveaway is made with premium quality materials such as 6 oz. thick Gilden T-shirts, and professional-grade Redkap work shirts.  These premium items are then printed with high quality, durable heat transfer vinyl for a beautiful, long-lasting image.**  

***Avoid the confusion... Go to the GIVEAWAY ONLY page where all products are eligible for the GIVEAWAY!*** 

Category: 1) 1 x Entry Items

Each purchase gets you 1 x entry into the All Riders Giveaway! 

Ladies' Only 5 X Entry Items:

Men's 5 X Entry Items:

Ladies' Only 10 X Entry Items:

Men's 10 X Entry Items:

Category: 3) 10 x Entry Items

Each purchase gets you 10 x entries into the All Riders Giveaway! 


Category: 2) 5 x Entry Items

Each purchase gets you 5 x entries into the All Riders Giveaway!