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Photo above by Thanuj Mathew

Photo above by Petrebels

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Who makes the best motorcycle gear?

Which motorcycling product companies support the All Riders?   

Well, these are some of them. 

Here you will find All Riders' Official Products. 


These are companies and products that have been tested by the All Riders staff and are not only known to be what they claim to be but are also worth buying. 


Not only are these products top-notch, but if they are listed here, the companies that created them have given back to All Riders in some way, shape, or form.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products listed here, feel free to send me an email and ask away.

Just click below to start shopping.  


Official All Riders Communicator: Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Slim

Why is the Cardo Systems Packtalk the Official Communicator of All RIders?  

Well, because it is awesome.  Whether in the Bold or Slim version (they are totally compatible and share the same software), the Packtalk is a communicator that does not disappoint.  The Cardo Dynamic Mesh system is far superior to Bluetooth and allows up to fifteen riders to communicate at the same time, with a claimed file mile gap between the first and last riders.  The connection distance is affected by landscape and congestion, but we have noticed a pretty good attainable distance between riders when multiple riders are connected, albeit maybe not a full five files.  However, the DMC (Dynamic Mesh) lets you automatically reconnect when you get back into range if someone dropped off, which is a massive advantage over Bluetooth... where all involved have to simultaneously coordinate re-connection.  The JBL sound system is also of great quality, although I found that the original non-JBL was almost if not just as good.     


We have tested the Packtalks extensively.  We use them exclusively for ride coordination on All Riders runs and rides, and I won't leave home without my Packtalk.


Check out All Riders Blog Writer, Carl Barrett Jr.'s write up of his helmet communicator experiences below: 

Communication is Key.  Adventures in Helmet Audio.

Check out what makes the Bold and the Slim different.  I use the Bolds, but I've heard good things about the Slims also.  You can pick one of either type up below:    

Slim on helmet 2.jpg
Bold on.jpg

Official All Riders Bug Remover and Detailer: Bugslide

Why is the Cardo Systems Packtalk the Official Bug Remover and Detailer of All RIders?  

Well, because this stuff really works.  I have been using Bugslide for many many years, and it never disappoints.  The stuff simply works as described.  I don't even have to spray it on the bike to get the bugs to soften up, I just saturate a microfiber rag, then gently rub the bug-gut laden paint, and the bugs just slough off.  Even baked-on bugs typically come off easily (like on an exhaust pipe), but if you have any trouble, just soak the "buggers" for a few minutes, and "Poof!" they come right off.


Bugslide also does a great job of shining up your ride, and you don't have to worry about weird reactions like with some ceramic-infused products.  This stuff is 100% safe for your clear coat, and it adds a layer of anti-adhesion for future bug splatters.  


There are other enzyme-based products out there that aim to copy Bugslide, but I won't waste my money on trying out the copy-cats.  


This is from Bugslide: 


BugSlide is a complete waterless detailer that cleans, shines, and degreases while removing bugs and other surface contaminants with ease.


BugSlide leaves a protective, microscopic finish that continuously repels dust, dirt, water, and fingerprints. Never wax again!


The release agent in BugSlide makes clean up quick and easy. BugSlide contains a UV filter for added protection and dries crystal clear with no yellowing, no build-up, and no powdery residue.   

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