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Photo above by Gerhard Siebert


Here you will find the All Riders calendar of motorcycle events at a glance.  Just click on the colored event entry for more information.  There is a legend below which tells you what type of event each color denotes.  Also, if you would like your own motorcycle ride, motorcycle run, or motorcycle event added to the calendar, email me at:


All Riders Ride
= A typical ride with the All Riders crew.  Moderately paced, likely between an hour and two hours of saddle time.  Look for details in the ride description.  
Rain or Shine = NO (Unless Otherwise Stated)
All Riders Ride & Event
= A typical ride with the All Riders crew to an event of some kind.  Sometimes it will be an All Riders event like the Compression Release Cookout, but other times we will ride as a group to an event organized by others.  Moderately paced, likely between an hour and two hours of saddle time.  Look for details in the ride description.  
Rain or Shine = NO (Unless Otherwise Stated) 
All Riders Social Event
= A non-riding event where everyone just shows up under their own steam.  Feel free to ride there, but it is not necessary, and not what this is about.  We are just socializing for this one.  Look for details in the ride description.  
Rain or Shine = YES (Unless Otherwise Stated) 
All Riders Moto-Meetup
= A social event sanctioned by the All Riders.  These are nights that are just an excuse to have a few drinks and talk about bikes with bikers for an evening.  In an attempt to accommodate the most local riders, we typically have two per month: one in Deland, and one on the east coast.  There is no obligation to ride your bike... it is perfectly OK to drive your Cage.  Thus, these events are Rain or Shine.  
Rain or Shine = YES 
All Riders Run
= This is one of the major events hosted by the All Riders.  We delineate 'Runs" from "Rides" by establishing a RUN as an important event... typically to make a point.  Whether it is designed to raise money for charity or to honor fallen soldiers, these are the riding events that you don't want to miss.  These runs typically require a lot of investment of both time and resources, so we can't be worried about the fickle weather.  These events are a "Go" no matter what kind of mood nature is in that day.   
Rain or Shine = YES 
All Riders Weekly Ride
= This is the weekly ride hosted by Chuck "Magnum" Boehm, Route Master of All Riders.  This is the "tried-and-true", "Yep, I'll be there" ride that you can hang your hat on.  Chuck rides every Wednesday at 6:00 pm sharp... even when it is raining.  If you know that a massive thunderstorm is rolling in, then you might want to check-in, but otherwise, he's riding rain or shine.
Rain or Shine = YES 
= This means that a scheduled ride has been deemed RAINED OUT or otherwise canceled due to a piss-poor weather forecast, or other unforeseen circumstance.  It depends on the ride leader/ event host, but it typically takes a forecast of more than a 50% likelihood of rain for us to call it.  Extenuating circumstances may apply... potential storm, lightning, etc.  This ride has either been canceled or rescheduled.  Please take a look at the ride details for clarification.    
All Riders Night Ride
= As the name suggests, this means we will be riding at night.  Night rides can be a challenge for inexperienced riders or riders who have bad night vision.  Please be sure that you are comfortable riding in complete darkness (in the absence of street lamps) before planning to join us on a night ride.  
Rain or Shine = NO 
Motorcycle Ride/Event-Non-All Riders Organized
= These rides or events are organized and hosted by non-All Riders entities.  We have them on our calendar because some members of management thought this might be a fun ride or event for All Riders to enjoy.  We have nothing to do with planning or execution.  For details, check with the organizer.    
Rain or Shine = N/A 
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