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See the winners of previous raffles and Giveaways:


P.s. While we always want you to show up at our motorycle events, we understand that sometimes pesky ole' life and obligation get in the way of a great day out on a bike. 


If a raffle is planned to be drawn on a ride, you may not be able to attend the event.  However, you may still want a chance at that cool prize we are offering.  Well, rest assured that you do NOT have to be present to win.  Just make sure that all of your contact info is current when you pay with RafflePay, and we will let you know if we pull your ticket.    

What if the ride gets rained out?

It's an unfortunate fact of life.  Sometimes, no matter how many times we pray, how many times we dance, or no matter who wears his lucky rain paints, it happens... a ride or event gets rained out.  


In a situation where rain destroys our plans and a ride or event that had a raffle associated with it gets canceled, one of two things will happen.  

1) The raffle gets extended to the next ride or event.

  • In this case, we did not get enough pre-paid raffle sales to justify concluding the raffle.  We don't need a ton of tickets sold to justify going ahead with a raffle, but just a handful of sales won't cut it. 

  • This will only happen if there is another ride/event planned within 30 days of the original ride/event. Remember: You do NOT need to be present to win, so if you paid ahead of time because you would have made it to the first event but can't make it to the subsequent event, you are still good.       

2) The raffle goes on as planned using only the prepaid RafflePay tickets.  

  • Easy-peasy.  We just draw from the tickets that were prepaid and notify the winner.  


What if I am not local?

How do I get my tickets &/or my prize? 

The raffle is fulfilled electronically, thus there is no need for us to ship raffle tickets to anyone who is not local.  Video of the drawing of the prize will be posted on social media and will be made available upon request.    However, if you win the raffle and you are not local, we will have to get the prize to you somehow.  We will work with you to get you your prize.  If you are planning to visit and ride with us soon, you may want us to keep your prize here safe and sound until you arrive.  We will do that.  

If you do not plan to be in the area anytime soon, then we will ship your prize to you.  Shipping will be calculated the cheapest way possible, unless you provide other instructions.  You will be responsible for the shipping costs.  

* RafflePay is a great way to support All Riders while getting a chance to win cool stuff. 
However, no purchase is necessary to win.  To enter sans payment, send a 3x5 index card in an envelope to:
All Riders Giveaway
6007 s. Williamson Blvd
Port Orange, FL

Be sure to write the raffle item that you wish to apply your entry to.
Only one card toward one prize per envelope. 

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