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For all of you Do-it-Yourselfers, you rebellious rag-stamping rogues!  Here is the All Riders Deco -Machina set: "Vita Machina", or "Life from the machine".  So said because the quality of life of a motorcycle rider is intrinsically connected to the two-wheeled machine that gives said rider flight. 


This is a one-time purchase of digital files so that you can cut your own vinyl to press on your own garments or create your own decals.  LIFETIME ARMD Members in good standing get a mighty discount on these items.  Sorry, annual re-uppers-this deal is extended only to LIFERS due to the tremendous value and perpetual usefulness of the product.  LIFERS should email me at to get their coupon.  


Back Logo: ARB-VM DL- Cut 11.25" wide

Pocket Logo: IMC-POCKET DL- Cut 3.75" wide 

Arm Logo: DECO LONG DL-Cut 14.5" Long 


*THESE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!* Only the individual purchasing these files is permitted to reproduce these images.  All Riders controls the registered trademark and reserves the right to revoke usage at any time without providing a refund.  ANY SALE OR UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION of these images is strictly forbidden.  Furthermore, any alteration, variation, modification, or appropriation of these images is also forbidden. 

Maker's Deco-Machina Logo Set

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