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The 2022+ LIFETIME ARMD Network Membership card has arrived!   


The LIFETIME cards are valid for your ENTIRE LIFETIME, as the name suggests.  The year part simply shows the year that you purchased your card, but it is valid ad infinitum.  We will produce a new design annually, but all "+" cards from previous years will always be valid.  However, some people might like the current year's card design better than the previous year's.  Not surprising, because my design skills justa keep-on-keepin-on' (brushes shoulder off :-)).  


This listing gets you just the updated card design to add to your old one.  It will be the same number as your current card, because that number is yours FOREVER!  In the coming years, wouldn't it be cool to display all of your cards in a shadow box, or something?  I think that would be just Fabulous! 


There are also Membership Kits (Member's Only T-shirts and stickers to go with your card), Members Only work shirts available for men, and sport polos available for women.  These products require membership into the ARMD network to validate the purchase.  

Check it out:


Membership Card Program


LIFER +:Just the New Card

SKU: 2022+DUPE
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