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The 2022+ All Riders ARMD LIMITED "LIFER" LIFETIME Network Membership card is in the house. The All Riders Motorcyclist's Discount Network gets you discounts from all kinds of reputable "motorcycle friendly" businesses.


Discounts will easily pay for your card after one or two visits to our Supporting Vendors. These cards are valid for your entire Lifetime!


We will only make 10 this year, and next year there will be a new design, but the card will work ad Infinitum.


ARMD: All Riders Motorcyclist's Discount Network.


This is the All Riders Membership program. Initiates into the program will be able to use their All Riders membership cards to acquire “members only” discount pricing at participating businesses.​


Participating businesses include all manner of dealerships, repair shops, parts vendors, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.


Membership includes:​


Discounts at Supporting Vendors

Double Event Raffle Tickets

Free Giveaway Contest Entries*

Early Access to Giveaways*

Special ARMD Only Event Access

Discounts at the All Riders Market Place


​Membership is also a great way to support the All Riders Community. The purchase of the membership along with apparel and other merchandise really helps to elevate the operating costs associated with building, organizing, and maintaining the rides, runs, and events associated with the community.


Also, Unofficially, membership may include the services and specialties of other All Riders members. After all, we are family. Don't be surprised if other members will offer up some free wrench work, welding, discounts of printed materials, or whatever service a member has to offer. ​


You can buy the annual membership as a subscription that will renew annually. In the mail, you will receive the current year's annual card with a unique numeric code. You can cancel anytime.


Alternatively, if you act fast (lol), you can snatch one of 10 available LIMITED "LIFER" lifetime memberships alone, or as a kit. This. listing is for a KIT. With each membership kit, members receive an All Riders Limited "LIFER" Lifetime membership card with a unique numeric code**, as well as a t-shirt, and a sticker. The card is printed with "2022 +". This means that the membership was purchased in 2022, but the "+" signifies that it is valid for every year going forward.


This listing includes the men's T-shirt option with black vinyl ... there are red and white vinyl options as well in separate listings. There are also women's T-shirt options. There are also Members Only work shirts available for men, and sport polos available for women. These products require membership into the ARMD network to validate the purchase.


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