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Ultimate Windshield Comfort

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BMW motorcycle with Madstad windshield

MadStad Engineering is a USA manufacturer based in Brooksville, Florida.

Since 2006, we've been building the most comfortable motorcycle wind protection on the market, and we grow every year – covering ever-changing makes and models. Complete windshield systems are offered for adventure bikes, sport touring, enduro, naked standards, baggers, modern classics, and even sport bikes, so that whatever you ride, you and your passenger can enjoy the open road to the fullest! Continuing the innovation, we've added other motorcycle accessories to our product line as well, including kickstand shoes, tail racks, skid plates, and others.

honda goldwing with madstad windshield

It all started with the goal of wanting to be comfortable when riding, not getting your head battered constantly by buffeting. Amazingly enough, not many motorcycles are built for airflow comfort, even those made for longer distance riding! We discovered that aftermarket windshields don't really help in most cases because they are just a bigger version of the stock windshield, taking the same turbulence problem and just making it bigger. Then you are hiding behind it, looking through dirty, scratched, and often distorted plastic, but the turbulence is still there. That's not what riding is about!

The solution was to create (and patent) an adjustable mounting system to separate the windshield from the bike, allowing air to flow under it, thereby relieving the vacuum that is created behind it, which would normally dump turbulence onto your head. To overcome this our systems offer control of the shield angle so you can dial in the smoothest possible airflow, while still looking over the top, not through it. THAT's what motorcycling is all about!

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Triumph Rocket 3 with madstad windshield
Ryker with madstad windshield

MadStad Engineering
1451 E Jefferson Street
Brooksville, FL 34601 USA
Phone: 352-848-3646

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