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15821 US Highway 441

Eustis, FL 32726

Phone: 352.357.1607

Fax: 352.357.8512


"At Seminole Powersports North in Eustis, we have brought the very best of the powersports industry and put it all in one easy to get to place."

Seminole Powersports North operates out of our state-of-the-art 24,000 sq ft facility right in heart of Eustis's business district on HWY 441.


This very unique store puts the very best of the powersports industry under one roof. Our large service facility also features the best factory-trained technicians that can repair and maintain the industry's top manufacturers.

Dan Brown sold me my 2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2

Located on highway 441 just north of HWY 19 we are an easy drive from anywhere and we have lots of parking. Ride by and check us out, you will be amazed!

I even got to take it out of the crate myself. 
Dan Brown: Seminole North Salesman (left) & Byron Gast: Fellow H2 owner (Right)

Seminole Powersports North donated this beautiful Alpinestar jacket for us to raffle off at the All RIders 6th Annual Toy Run (12/4/21: see the Calendar page for details).  Proceeds go to TOYS FOR TOTS.


(*XL-but if it doesn't fit, it can be exchanged for your size)

You can buy tickets here: (Do NOT have to be present to win):

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Check out my Review of Seminole Powersports North:

5 months ago

So far my experience with Seminole Powersports North in Eustis, Fl has been excellent. My relationship with them began when I ordered my 2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2 from Dan Brown, one of the salesmen there. The excruciating informationless seven month long wait was tempered by Dan's attentiveness, always quick to respond to any questions/issues I had. He would often take it upon himself to try to get me updates from Kawasaki as well. I feel comfortable saying that over the course of the seven months, Dan and I genuinely became friends, and now I cannot see myself going anywhere else for products that he offers. I even had him do some painting for me... as he also owns his own custom painting business (Dan Brown Paintworks).

Finally after seven months and and a ton of pissing and moaning, the bike arrived at the dealership. That was the first time that I had the opportunity to meet Ken Ward (the GM) and Mike Mcmanus, the service manager... amongst others. Everyone was very polite, and interested in what was happening.

Ken had the unopened crate ready and waiting for me in the showroom, and Dan handed me the box cutter to cut into the crate myself. This was a very special experience, one that they did not have to provide.

Everyone there treated me like a valued customer, down to Brandon Singer (the business manager) who did not try to cram every warranty and tire replacement plan down my throat. Brandon was professional, yet conversational, and gave me the leaway to decide when and where I want to buy my extended warranty without making me feel like I was screwing him out of a commission.

The entire staff exuded a sense of comradery, which gave me the impression that Ken Ward is doing something right. I get the feeling that Ken has created a working environment that everyone seems to enjoy; or at least one where the staff values their job, and appreciates being there.

Finally, I had a problem with the bike, which was cause for a warranty claim. I put the claim in with Mike Mcmanus (service manager), and from the moment we spoke on the phone, Mike was all business getting the warranty claim opened and approved. I have never seen a service department move more rapidly and more surgically to get my problem resolved with as little pain as possible. Mike was in touch with me via email after every correspondence with Kawasaki, not giving me anytime to wonder if anyone was working on my problem or not. Additionally, I was all uptight about how long it was going to take to make my new baby right again, but Mike was able to expedite shipping from Kawasaki...icing on the cake that I did not ask for or expect, but that I truly appreciate.

I have been riding motorcycles for over twenty five years and I have owned more than twenty different bikes. Ninety percent of them were purchased new or barely used from a dealer as well. So, it should go without saying that I have had my share of experiences with dealerships that either take advantage of their customers, or who fail their customers out of shear complacency or incompetence.

So far, this dealership has demonstrated that they are a "cut above", and their interest in exemplary customer service and attention to detail is being noticed.

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