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Powder Kote Plus was founded in South Daytona, Florida in February 1998 by Father and Son Richard Hall and David Hall. Originally operating during evening hours, Powder Kote Plus soon opened it’s doors to the general public in January 2000 to a full time Monday-Friday. The company rapidly established itself as the premier one stop in-house sand blasting and custom powder coating service provider in Volusia County, Florida for over 20 years. Weathering an unpredictable


economic climate during the mid 2000s, Powder Kote Plus soon evolved several other services including ceramic coating, bead blasting, custom two-coat powder coating applications, and more recently the improved vapor blasting technology. Powder Kote Plus has maintained it’s footprint in the greater Volusia County area in the same 2800 Nova Business Park and continues its long standing tradition of “treating it like our own” standard of quality in both finish and customer service.

• Powder Coating • Ceramic Coating • Sand Blasting • Vapor Blasting

custom coated motorcycle parts

Motorcycle Wheels and Other Parts

We are known in the local area for being a leader in motorcycle tire sales and installs for any make and model motorcycle.


From Harleys, Metric Cruisers, Crotch Rockets, Scooter, and all other types of bikes Powder Kote Plus will accommodate you! Several options are available including purchasing the tire outright, bringing in your wheel off the motorcycle where we can mount and balance your tire purchased at Powder Kote Plus. Tires purchased at Powder Kote Plus are subject to free mount and balance on the wheel.


Online vendors do not have a physical place to mount and balance your tire. We are the local preferred installer for We also offer drop your bike for a tire install, which typically takes one to two hours. This includes a charge of labor and we will be glad to install your tire on your motorcycle purchased at Powder Kote Plus of any make or model.

custom coated motorcycle parts
custom coated motorcycle parts

2800 S. Nova Rd #F-2

South Daytona, FL 32119



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