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Take a few minutes to indulge in some All Riders knowledge, motorcycle education, and motorcycle news materials.  Within, there are some things that you need to know if you want to ride with the All Riders. 

Also, who knows?  Maybe there is something here you didn't know... something that will make your riding experience safer, more fun, or just a bit cooler.  

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All Riders Group Riding Guidelines

The following guidelines are fairly standard. They have been tweaked for All Riders.  They are important for many reasons, but primarily for everyone's safety. Group riding is safe when every rider knows the rules and follows them. It allows each rider to anticipate what the rider ahead is going to do in a given situation.

1. Arrive before KSU (Kick Stands Up). This is usually 15 minutes after the scheduled Meetup time. Everyone is late sometimes, myself included, hence the 15 minute window. Don't count on the group waiting for you if you can't make the KSU time.  For extenuating circumstances text the Road Leader(s) there is a chance we will accommodate a short delay...depending on the Road Leader, the size of the event, and the circumstances.  

2. Fill up with Gas before the ride. Also, if you have small gas tank let the Road Leader know BEFORE we leave so we can plan an early gas stop. Don't wait until we are in BFE to tell the leader you are low on gas. Consider topping off at every fuel stop.

3. Be ready to go when the group departs. Please be ready, so you are not delaying the entire group. If you need to, leave your gear on so you are ready to jump on your bike and go at the proper time. 

4. Consider the Rider Behind You. Periodically check the riders following in your rear view mirror. If you see a rider falling behind, slow down so they may catch up, or they might be having a problem and need assistance. If necessary, stop at the next turn and wait for the rider behind you so they know which way to turn. If all the riders in the group use this technique, we will never lose anyone. The Road leaders may not see every rider behind them. 

5. Advise the Road Leader if you are having any kind of problem or if you need to leave the group for any reason. Failing to do so can cost the rest of the group time and trouble as they look for you and wonder if you are alive, in a ditch, broken down, etc. 

6. If you want to ride faster, leave first and ride in the front of the group, or follow the forward Road Leader. If you want to ride slow, leave last and ride in the back of the group, with the rearward Road Leader. Do not ride in the front if you want to ride slow. 

7. Know the basic hand/leg signals. See Chart Below. Road Hazards, Police, gas, single file, etc. Please use them. If the leader calls for single file, or points out a hazard, signal it back to the rider behind you.

8. Always ride within your own and your bikes limitations. Safety is important. If you endanger yourself, you are also endangering others in the group. Never ride above your comfort level or your ability. If you want to drop out of the ride, let the leader know.

9.The staggered riding formation allows a proper space cushion between motorcycles so that each rider has enough time and space to maneuver and to react to hazards. It is the default formation for group riding unless a single file is called. If someone falls out of the group, please re-position and fill the empty slot.

10. Do not ride in side by side formation unless stopped. If you suddenly needed to swerve to avoid a hazard, you would not have room to do so and you would take out a fellow rider. Be safe!

11. Stay in your lane. Whether in staggered formation or single file, it is important to stay in your lane unless absolutely necessary to avoid hazards, etc. Sloppily riding from the left to the center to the right and back again creates uncertainty in the riders behind you. They will never know what your intentions might be, or where you are going. This only creates danger for everyone around you. So unless you have to maneuver out of your lane to avoid a hazard, please stay in your lane. 

12. Distance and spacing. This is a hard issue to address. It is important to ride in your comfort zone. Yet when people spread out too far, cars often get in between, or it makes it difficult for everyone to make a light, or people get so far behind they get lost. If possible always maintain a comfortable distance which discourages infiltration by cars.

13. Riding in city conditions, traffic areas, or just cruising city highways, there should never be more than one or two bike lengths between you and the staggered rider diagonally in front of you. If a car can fit into that space you are too far behind! If you feel that is too close, discuss it with the leader.  Some groups say that you should be able to see the "face" of the rider diagonally ahead in his mirror.  Maintaining proper distance discourages other vehicles from cutting into the group. However, if a vehicle does cut into the group, back off and let them in. Safety of the group, is the first concern. Use good judgment. Be safe.

14. When riding rural roads at higher speeds, give yourself as much room as you need. There are a number of places where we always stop at the end of the road and wait for everyone. We always work hard to try not to lose anyone.

15. Turns and curves. Turns and curves are places where staying in your lane is not required. Riders in staggered formation should allow for more distance between each other as you come to a curve, so that each rider can take the best line for him/her thru the curve or turn.

16. Guest riders (not backseat guests). We always welcome other riders.  If you bring a guest rider, it is your responsibility to make sure your guest is ready to ride and knows the guidelines. 

17. Safety is the primary concern for the entire ride. Do not let anyone else do your riding for you. Please ride within your ability. 

18.  Be familiar with Florida Motorcycle Laws: American Motorcyclist Association: Florida State Laws

**Legal disclaimer warning** 

the reader should not count on this information for anything other than

some basic information and/or entertainment... 

and probably precious little of that.

Frequently Asked Questions:


We typically ride at a comfortable pace, "brisk" at times.  What I like to call "Chill" riding, or a "Chill Ride", would be a pace somewhere around the speed limit... maybe in excess of the speed limit by a low percentage depending on the area/situation.  Sometimes, particularly for the Performance Motorcycle Riders group, you will see the use of the word "Spirited" or a "Spirited Ride".  This refers to a ride for experienced riders with high performance machines.  It will not be a ride suitable for beginners, or anyone looking for a scenic ride.  Generally speaking, though We don't lolly-gag, but you won't find us screaming down the road at supersonic speeds either.  As a rule, unless a Road Leader is assigned to run at a particularly slow pace (like on our annual big runs), expect a few miles over the posted speed limit at times.  We won't ride too fast to enjoy the scenery, but we don't want to be bored out of our minds either. 


Our rides generally last until late afternoon........ three, four, 5 o'clock. We start in the morning and head out to a destination to have lunch. We typically eat and ride back. Naturally our route is almost never a straight line. What fun would that be? We're looking for the twisties, the curves, & the country scenery.  Chuck's Wednesday Cruise to Nowhere is typically 1.5 hours long, but they do vary.  Always ask the Road Leader if you are concerned.  


No, you can stay for as long as you like. We only ask that if you leave early, you give us a heads up. We are always concerned about our fellow riders' safety, and we always do head counts. If you disappear and we don't know about it, we might spend untold hours looking for you!!! So, please if you want to peel off early, let us know that you're leaving the group.  

Rides are sometimes "weather adjusted". If our planned destination is to the north and it's raining to the north, we might change the route and ride to the east south or west, maybe heading to an entirely different destination.  More often we just ride and if it rains, it rains.  You should be comfortable with the possibility of getting rained on.  If you are not confident in the rain, it would be best to avoid riding with us when rain is expected, or plan to peel-off if rain develops.  If you choose to peel-off, please let someone know. 


Sometimes we have to cancel the ride.  It's ALWAYS best to check the FACEBOOK GROUP, the event, or to make sure the ride wasn't canceled.  Typically the more involved, harder-to-plan events will go on rain-or-shine.  The Annual Toy Run is our biggest event, and it is a perfect example of a ride that will go on unless the monsoons arrive in a big way.  Sometimes it happens though. Sometimes we get wet. It is a good idea yo carry rain gear for your comfort anytime rain chances exceed 40%.  If you don't bring rain gear, it rains, and the Road Leader is not stopping so you can dress up, just let him/her know that you want to stop.  


Possibly.  If it is a small ride, like a weekend Meetup, then the ride will be cancelled if it is raining in Deland (home base).  If it is a big annual ride like the holiday rides, or Toy Run for instance, it will most likely go on as planned.  You can always call or text Matt for clarification if you are worried about it (407-782-3329).  We will also sometimes cancel a small ride if rain chances exceed 50%.  Call or text for clarification.   



We believe it's about the ride, not the destination. None the less, we usually post a ride destination.  Please understand that the destination is subject to change on a whim. Again, it's the ride, not the destination.  Please don't email us asking where a ride destination is located. Google it! Google is very reliable and will most likely give you the exact location. Remember, it's not the destination it's the journey that counts!

While we may know the destination, we don't necessarily know exactly how we're going to get there. Every destination has a multitude of paths. We choose the route based on a number of factors including rain, road construction, and what kind of mood we're in that morning! Hopefully every ride is different, even if the destination is the same.


YES! On rare occasions there are last minute changes. Stuff happens sometimes, like weather changes, hurricanes, and other sundry problems. Check the FACEBOOK GROUP, Event, and/or before you head out to the ride.  FACEBOOK is the the fastest way to make updates, so smaller rides will probably only be updated there.  If the event had a Event email blast, then a

change will be noted there as well.    

**Legal disclaimer warning** 

The reader should not count on this information for anything other than

some basic information and/or entertainment... 

and probably precious little of that.

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