Photo above by Tom Moroz


The hand-made works of motorcycle artists.

These incredibly talented individuals have honed their craft in order to manifest their imaginations onto our favorite moving canvases.  


No mass-produced, CNC billet parts here... these pieces are born from dust, sweat, and shear will.  Each piece is filled with nuance, care, and the invaluable experience of the master craftsman.  

Offering a 10% discount to ARMD Network members on all custom work

First of all I’d like to thank All Riders for giving me the opportunity

to show some of my work.


Let me introduce myself… my name is Benn. 


I decided to start this business through the love of my hobby,

custom motorcycles. My interest in custom motorbikes started

as a young lad.

I had various dirt bikes which I built, serviced, and repaired.

I ended up having my friends bring their bikes to me for these services too. 

As I got older I developed a passion for chopper style bikes.

This is when I discovered the custom scene.

Over the years I've gathered a lot of experience

which has made my skill set quite extensive... 

ranging from light machinery, metal and fiberglass fabrication,

engraving, restoration work, to customizing and much more.


Finally, my aim is to create a successful business. To achieve this,

I listen to my clients and I deliver on their ideas.

This may be for a set of bespoke custom made exhaust pipes,

a unique pair of handmade handle bars, or anything all the way up

to a full custom build. 

Working with you means we can take your project to the next level.


I hope you enjoy viewing my work, and the services I offer.  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask as I'm always happy to help. 

Be sure to check out my website:


Also, don't forget to follow me social media below. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

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Benn Capp, Proprietor 


Chun “Queen” Houng is Onehandmade... Custom motorcycle builder

Check out the All Riders Interview with Onehandmade:

November 19, 2018

The Renard GT is a stunning motorbike, a low-slung carbon fibre frame perforated by two massive cylinder heads, a unique front suspension arrangement finished off with a modern LED headlight, it looks like a bike being prepared to debut at EICMA 2019.


October 16, 2017

My daughter is only two and a half years old and like any proud father I try to encourage her to to share some of my interests, chief amongst these is motorcycling. Here are 6 ways I have been able to share my love of bikes with her.

1) Doing things as a family – your young one may be too young to ride on the back of the bike, but you can still go to bike events together as a whole family – buy matching shirts! If you haven’t b...

October 12, 2017

Just below the very southern expanse of Tokyo It takes about an hour and a half by train to reach Atsugi from the city centre. In stark contrast to neon filled streets and anonymous crowds, walking amongst the farmland reveals a more relaxed Japan. Edging towards the headquarters of international motorcycle modification and parts powerhouse, Motocorse (MC), it’s easy to imagine a large factory where all sorts of milling / carb...

August 31, 2016

Taiwan is a county of 24 million people with a landmass a fifth the size of Florida. It is here, in the busy metropolis of Taipei, down an industrial alleyway that onehandmade is churning out some of the most innovative custom builds not only in Taiwan, but on the world stage.

One could be forgiven for thinking that given its sizeable population and reliance on two wheeled transport, that in Taiwan, the motorcycle modification...

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